Avatar: The Legend of Korra–News and Updates Website

"I have mastered the elements..."

“I have mastered the elements…”

I don’t know about you, but I loved Avatar: The Last Airbender. The characters, the plot–you name it! It was awesome. And the new Avatar show–Avatar: The Legend of Korra–is pretty dang awesome, too. If you agree, then you know that right now, the entire fandom is waiting for season two. The long stretch of time in between seasons of television shows is torturous, but thankfully, I’ve found a website all about Korra to help pass the time until season two.

It’s called “Avatar: The Legend of Korra–News and Updates” and it’s as informative as it sounds. The blog admin is really good about updating the site; the instant even a hint of news is in the air, it’s on the blog. And the posts are often entertaining, too. In fact, I know from first hand experience just how good the blog is. I read it for several months and was then allowed to write for the blog for a short period of time. Although I’m not doing so anymore, I still read it today. It was really cool getting to be involved in a good blog–and this one definitely is.

It’s good stuff, guys. Check it out!

Tell me what you think of it!


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5 thoughts on “Avatar: The Legend of Korra–News and Updates Website

  1. Avatar: the Last Airbender was an awesome show; I didn’t get the chance to watch past the first episode of The Legend of Korra, but I plan on catching it on Netflix at some point. Knowing me and my ability to watch TV show, it won’t be for some months (*coughs* years *coughs*) yet.

    One of the things I’ve discovered about Avatar is that Aang’s story isn’t over yet. Nickelodeon has continued the story in Avatar: the Last Airbender The Promise. This is a canonical continuation of the series, and will have a sequel – The Search, which is the story of the search for Zuko’s mother.

    I haven’t had the chance to read them yet, but from what I’ve heard it’s very good.


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