The Tale of My (Slightly Unhealthy) Addiction to Sherlock

No caption.  Am speechless.

No caption. Am speechless.

This is a tale of a knight in armor, and a girl who knew their love could never be.  A tale of transformation and obsession.  A tale of a soul in anguish and a television show.

This is the tale of my addiction to Sherlock.  (And Benedict Cumberbatch…and Martin Freeman.)

And of my transformation from a simple, nerdy, college student, to a full-blown fan girl.  (Well, I’m not quite there yet).

I blame Pinterest.  I used to go on Pinterest all the time (before I found Tumblr) and, because I often visited the “geek” page, I saw a lot of pictures about this weird looking show called Sherlock–the television show about a modern-day Sherlock Holmes and his best friend, John Watson.  At first, I hardly gave the pictures a second glance, but I soon began to examine them more closely, and thought to myself, “Hey, this looks pretty cool.”  I began “liking” many Sherlock pictures–even though I knew nothing about it–and was very curious about the show.

Several months later, I decided to sate my curiosity.  My cousin, sister, and I often get together to watch Doctor Who, but one evening that my sister couldn’t come, I said to my cousin, “Cousin, can we watch that show Sherlock?”  Cousin replied, “Actually, I’ve been wanting to watch it myself.”*  So, we watched the first episode.

I hated it.

I felt stupid and couldn’t keep up.  It was not love at first sight.

Being a whiney baby about it, I complained to my cousin, whose eyes were glazed over and who said, “I think this is my favorite tv show.”

I rolled my eyes and groaned.  “Well, I’ll give it another shot.”

The next episode went much better.  I could actually understand it and I really began to feel a connection to the characters.

By the third episode, I was hooked.  It was officially my favorite tv show, just like my cousin had said, and I had officially become a permanent fan girl.  And my curiosity concerning the show had morphed into a slightly unhealthy addiction.  I couldn’t wait to watch each of the next episodes at my cousin’s house and often pushed off my homework.  I had fallen in love with the show, Cumberbatch, and Freeman.  I even got two of my brothers and one sister interested, and now they like it, too!  (Though not as much as I do).

I recently watched the finale of season two.  (If I were emotional, I know I would have cried).  I didn’t realize it was the last available episode, and when my cousin told me, I almost had a fit of sorrow.  My soul!  The feels!  It all hit me at once.  Now, I had to be normal like everyone else and WAIT.

If you have never seen Sherlock, I highly recommend it.  I know that I say that about everything, but, seriously–this show is amazing.  I beg of you–watch the first couple of episodes, at least.

And, now that I know Cumberbatch is in Star Trek: Into Darkness, I’m totally going to go see the movie in May.

Have you ever seen Sherlock?  Do you like it?  How do you think Sherlock Holmes did what he did in the finale of season two?  (I said it that way so as to avoid spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t seen it).

Please comment !  I need to talk to some other geeks about the show!

*I may have gotten the story wrong…I have the worst memory on the planet.


Join the Club, jasynjonz!

We have another new recruit to welcome to Good News for Geeks!  His name is jasynjonz.  So…welcome!

I’ve known this blogger for a long time and he posts some really awesome stuff.  So, like I’ve said for lejonanders and magicgerbil, you can look forward to everything he will post.  He will mostly write about table-top RPG and board games, as far as I know.  Sounds good!

Join the club, jasynjonz!  And may the odds be ever in your favor.

(Say that really slowly and in a British accent.  It’ll sound better)

(Speaking of British, if you like that kind of stuff, you’ll like a post coming soon.  One hint–“Elementary”)

Fan Fiction: The Spice of Life

Where writers bring both the best and the worst to life

Where writers bring both the best and the worst to life

If you love to read, and you’ve never visited, you are seriously missing out.  Just in the past few months, I started reading a lot of stories on that website, and now I’m in love with it.  There are some amazing stories on there and, oftentimes, it makes a not-so-great day that much better.

Which is why I said it’s the spice of life.


Countless talented individuals submit work to daily, writing about their favorite fandoms.  And every possible fandom is on there.

I usually read stories about Avatar: The Last Airbender and Harry Potter.  (I’m proud to say that Avatar is number one in the “cartoon” list, as is Harry Potter in the “book” category!)

One of my favorite Avatar authors is DJNS. This author has written many fantastic stories, often about Avatarone of the best being a fiction called “Future Echoes”, a story about Aang resetting history and destroying his chance of having a romantic relationship with Katara.  Holy cow.  It should be a book.  Click this to read it!  You will not regret it.  If you want to see what else DJNS has written, go here to the author’s profile.

(Just a note–stories rated “M” are for mature readers only.  I strongly suggest you stay away from those if you don’t want to encounter any graphic material).

Another cherished Avatar story of mine is “Another Brother”, a story about what might have been if Zuko was adopted into Sokka and Katara’s family.  It is excellent and, again, should be a book.  If you want to read it, tap this.  (Warning–it is not complete and hasn’t been edited in over two years, so it may not ever be finished).  The author who wrote it is AvocadoLove, whose profile you can view here.

And, finally, one of my favorite Harry Potter stories is “Potters, Weasleys, and Misguided Snogging”, a story about the next generation of Potters and Weasleys at Hogwarts.  It’s really entertaining!  If you want to check it out, click this.  The author who wrote it is called Somewhat Quirky, whose profile you can view by going here.

To self-promote, I have submitted a story about Avatar to  It’s called “Born in a New City”, a story about the formation of Republic City, Aang and Katara’s marriage, and the birth of their first child.  Bored this weekend?  Read it by tapping this.  And, if you want to go to my profile, click here.  (If you read my story and choose to review it, let me know in the review that you came from the blog!  I would be curious to know).

What are some of your favorite fan fictions?  Have you written anything?  Feel free to include the links to either in your comments!