Join the Club, jasynjonz!

We have another new recruit to welcome to Good News for Geeks!  His name is jasynjonz.  So…welcome!

I’ve known this blogger for a long time and he posts some really awesome stuff.  So, like I’ve said for lejonanders and magicgerbil, you can look forward to everything he will post.  He will mostly write about table-top RPG and board games, as far as I know.  Sounds good!

Join the club, jasynjonz!  And may the odds be ever in your favor.

(Say that really slowly and in a British accent.  It’ll sound better)

(Speaking of British, if you like that kind of stuff, you’ll like a post coming soon.  One hint–“Elementary”)


Welcome, Magic Gerbil!

Say, “hello,” to my little friend!  Let us welcome another editor to Good News for Geeks–Magic Gerbil.

Magic Gerbil is, like LeJonaders, an old friend (actually, she’s my cousin) and is going to be a huge asset.  She is even more geeky than I, so she’s an excellent fit for this blog, and will post lots of interesting things, so keep an eye out for her work.  You’re going to enjoy it.

Once again, welcome our newest recruit!  Thank you so much for joining the crew, Magic Gerbil.

Welcome, LeJonanders!

Because this blog is very young and I need a lot of help to get it rolling, I’ve decided to invite someone to help me to manage the blog and to write original posts.  That “someone” is LeJonanders and is the new editor!

LeJonanders is an old friend of mine and an aspiring journalist, hoping to join IGN in the future.  He is also an excellent writer, so he’s definitely going to be a huge asset to you and I.  You’re going to enjoy his work, especially those of you who play video games, because that is the section of the blog which he’ll be maintaining.  I look forward to his posts and am very thankful that he has decided to join me.

So, please give our new editor a hearty welcome!  Thanks, again, LeJonanders!