IGN lay-offs

IGN lay-offs

Ryan Clements (A writer for IGN) has been laid off tonight and I’ve started a petition to try to get the sites attention and fix the injustice. Please give it a sign to help. (Click the “IGN lay-offs” link above)


Welcome, LeJonanders!

Because this blog is very young and I need a lot of help to get it rolling, I’ve decided to invite someone to help me to manage the blog and to write original posts.  That “someone” is LeJonanders and is the new editor!

LeJonanders is an old friend of mine and an aspiring journalist, hoping to join IGN in the future.  He is also an excellent writer, so he’s definitely going to be a huge asset to you and I.  You’re going to enjoy his work, especially those of you who play video games, because that is the section of the blog which he’ll be maintaining.  I look forward to his posts and am very thankful that he has decided to join me.

So, please give our new editor a hearty welcome!  Thanks, again, LeJonanders!