Awesome. Those Mario games look pretty sweet. Which one would you buy? Would you buy any?

Confessions of a Gamer Girlfriend

video_game_stars_playing_board_games__d_and_d_by_the_author_m-d5igdwqWhile video games are the apple of my eye, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for boardgames. Nearly every weekend my friends and I get together for a game of Risk or Monopoly. Back when I lived in Toronto I was a frequenter of board game cafe Snakes & Lattes; a cafe where you could sit for hours and try out hundreds of board and card games. What I love the most are when my two favourite types of gaming collide. Yep, I’m talking video game themed board games. Somehow they are just that little bit more exciting to me.  They could be created specifically with a video game in mind, or be an awesome reboot of an already existing game. Just seeing beloved gaming characters come alive in a board game is enough to fall in love with them all over again.

Here are four…

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