Fans are News Addicts

This is a fan.  A very angry fan.

This is a fan. A very angry fan.

Fans of Avatar: The Legend of Korra were really hoping to hear some news about the release date for season two during the recently held convention called Nickelodeon Upfront 2013. However, the date wasn’t released, so many were very frustrated. Want proof? Go to this post on the Korra blog I told you about. Those are some angry fans.

These fans are reasonably angry, though. It has been a long time since Nickelodeon released any substantial news about season two and it was during this very convention last year that news about the first season was released. I’m a fan of the show myself and was bummed, too, but why? Why are so many Korra fans bent on knowing the release date? Why does any fan find themselves dying for some particular news about their fandom?

Because we’re human. Specifically, we’re human in the twenty-first century–and that’s important to note.

At this point in time, we live in a society in which we expect things to happen for us right away. For example, consider fast food or technology. Things often get done fast, so when something takes longer than we’d like, it frustrates us.

I can testify to this, as I’m sure lots of other people could. I am in college and drive to school for thirty minutes almost every day, and lately I’ve gotten stuck behind some of the slowest people imaginable. In fact, yesterday I posted something like this on Facebook: “I always get stuck behind the slowest people when I drive to school. Is someone praying for me to have patience?!?!” Haha. But, seriously, it makes me really mad! Why? You guessed it–it takes longer than I want it to. And, for fans, because they’re so passionate about their fandom, they are going to get all the more frustrated.

I’m not trying to offend anyone, especially not the fans of Avatar: The Legend of Korra, but there is a lesson we can all take from this. Many of us in this day and age are very impatient, so we’re going to get annoyed a lot when things go slowly. Instead of getting angry the next time it happens, though, we should be thankful that we’re so fortunate–that we even have fast food, technology, entertainment, and cars–and should try to have a good attitude about it. It’s harder than it sounds, but keep this in mind–what you want to happen will probably happen eventually. Yes, even the Korra release date will eventually be released.

Just food for thought. 🙂 Are you a news addict? What news are you waiting for right now?