Infinite Excitement

Booker Dewitt is in debt. To people that you don’t want to owe money to. Next thing he knows he is given a box and a message “Bring us the girl, repay the debt”. The year is 1912 and Booker is taken out on a rowboat to the middle of the ocean. Dropped off at the lighthouse he finds an elevator and takes it…Where it leads is Columbia: A city in the sky, a Utopian society floating above the earth. He soon finds the girl he is suppose to bring out of Columbia, Elizabeth who has strange and mysterious powers yet has lived in a tower her whole life. Catch is that she is protecting by the “Songbird” a giant, mechanical, winged beast intent on keeping Elizabeth in Columbia and away from Booker. Not only that but the people of Columbia are split in a war against “Outsiders” to the city.

Who is Elizabeth? Who does Booker owe? Why do they want her? Why do the people of Columbia hate her?

Those are a few out out a million questions to be answered in Bioshock Infinite. The game is out this Tuesday (March 26th) and is one of my most anticipated games of 2013. The original Bioshock was set in Rapture: an underwater city and is one of the best games ever made. This is a game to look out for.


Welcome, LeJonanders!

Because this blog is very young and I need a lot of help to get it rolling, I’ve decided to invite someone to help me to manage the blog and to write original posts.  That “someone” is LeJonanders and is the new editor!

LeJonanders is an old friend of mine and an aspiring journalist, hoping to join IGN in the future.  He is also an excellent writer, so he’s definitely going to be a huge asset to you and I.  You’re going to enjoy his work, especially those of you who play video games, because that is the section of the blog which he’ll be maintaining.  I look forward to his posts and am very thankful that he has decided to join me.

So, please give our new editor a hearty welcome!  Thanks, again, LeJonanders!